Wanderer and Restorer
by Lifeway on October 4th, 2023
Restoration begins with confession. You can’t fix what you don’t recognize is broken. James’s letter doesn’t wrap up with final words . . .  Read More
Faithful and Faithless
by Lifeway on October 3rd, 2023
James constantly points us to the fact that the Christian life is about glad-hearted obedience. After all the practical application of spiritual. . .  Read More
Taking the Fall
by Danny Saavedra on September 29th, 2023
Have you ever taken the fall for someone? Have you ever paid for someone else’s mistake? Maybe your kid broke something . . .  Read More
The Perfect Game
by Danny Saavedra on September 28th, 2023
Have you ever seen a perfect game in baseball? It’s a rare accomplishment. In baseball’s 150 years, there have only been 23 perfect. . .  Read More
Suffering and Comfort
by Lifeway on September 27th, 2023
Unlike most people in our culture today, the early Christians likely expected Jesus to return during their lifetimes. Many believed that . . .  Read More
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by Kurt Selles on September 26th, 2023
How do faith and actions (good works, obedience) fit together? While recognizing that salvation is completely a gift from God, including . . .  Read More
Who Do You Belong To?
by Newspring Church on September 25th, 2023
Life as a Christian can seem difficult if not impossible. How easy is it — really — to love our neighbors, to honor our. . .  Read More
by Pastor Dan Hickling on September 22nd, 2023
When we come to the Book of Galatians, it’s important to understand that everything in it has a deliberate purpose, including the. . .  Read More
Good Grace. New Heart.
by Danny Saavedra on September 21st, 2023
Have you ever fallen for a scam? Maybe you bought something online because the product looked great in pictures, but what. . .  Read More
Oppressors and Laborer
by Lifeway on September 20th, 2023
James went to great lengths to warn the church about the corrupting power of wealth. His words often echo the teachings of Jesus, specifically . . .  Read More
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by Christopher Ash on September 19th, 2023
If we ask, “Are the righteous in the Psalms the same as those who are righteous by grace alone through faith alone under. . .  Read More
Are You Stuck?
by Newspring Church on September 18th, 2023
From the time we are babies, we are rewarded for hard work. We are promised a toy if we don’t scream during the shopping trip. When . . .  Read More