Case Closed. Grace Wins.
by Danny Saavedra on September 15th, 2023
Imagine you committed a crime and were declared guilty. Now you’re facing the death penalty. But right before your execution, someone. . .  Read More
Context is Key
by Pastor Dan Hickling on September 14th, 2023
There’s a well-known saying concerning the study of the Bible: “Context is key” That’s never truer than in this passage from Galatians. This is. . .  Read More
Arrogance and Humility
by Lifeway on September 13th, 2023
This passage is more about the implicit attitude of arrogance than the explicit action. It’s not literally evil to make plans or to . . .  Read More
Worldliness and Godliness
by Lifeway on September 12th, 2023
Our lives suffers from no shortage of worldly wisdom. If you’ve ever been into a bookstore, you’ve seen the massive space dedicated. . .  Read More
False Wisdom and True Wisdom
by Lifeway on September 11th, 2023
The wisdom of the world is rooted in selfishness. While our culture disciples us to believe that our determination, our truth, and our. . .  Read More
Bold Biblical Correction
by Lisa Supp on September 8th, 2023
People may have said Paul was unimpressive in presence and his speech was of no account (2 Corinthians 10:10), but he was like a . . .  Read More
That Awkward Moment When...
by Danny Saavedra on September 7th, 2023
Awkward moments happen every day. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the most awkward moments in the Bible. So, what happened . . .  Read More
Blessings and Curses
by Lifeway on September 6th, 2023
While crudeness may not appear on the surface to be as hateful as cursing, the root is similar. The “filthiness” and “crude joking” Paul referred. . .  Read More
Faith and Works
by Lifeway on September 5th, 2023
James introduced the idea of hearing and doing at the end of chapter 1, along with a definition of pure and undefiled religion. Chapter 2 then. . .  Read More
Judgment and Mercy
by Lifeway on September 4th, 2023
Today’s text stands in stark contrast to caring for widows and orphans; instead, the stain of worldliness was polluting the church. . .  Read More
God Doesn't Play Favorites
by Pastor Dan Hickling on September 1st, 2023
The Galatian Christians had a problem, a big problem They had been brought under the sway of people who were adding a lethal . . .  Read More
Freedom and Responsibility
by Justus Martin on August 31st, 2023
The apostle Paul would have been a great American. He loved freedom—he had a lot to say about it, but what’s surprising is that he called . . .  Read More