Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15

We are called to make and multiply Christ-followers by participating, as much as possible, through prayer, financial, and personal involvement, in the business of spreading God’s Word to communities outside our own.
We seek to accomplish this by supporting missionaries who serve locally as well as around the world.

Alison Ainsworth

Since returning to America last summer, God has led Allison to pursue ministry with International Students, Inc. This is an organization seeking to share Christ’s love with international students to show them the love of Christ and give them a transforming story.

John Mehn

After over thirty years overseas, serving in Japan, John and Elaine returned to the states, but it didn’t take long before God showed John He wasn’t finished using him overseas just yet. God led John to a new ministry of joining the Converge’s Asia Impact Team to broaden the scope to all of Asia. Their hope is that God will align their hearts and hands to further Gospel Movements among Unreached People Groups in Asia.

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Village Calvary Church commissioned a family to Nepal June 26, 2022.
They began serving in Nepal in 2015. In combination with World Venture as their sending agency, International Nepal Fellowship (INF) was their in-country partnering organization. Within a month of arrival in Nepal, a time of considerable political unrest occurred. Unexpected to everyone, this instability forced all foreign workers within INF to leave the country before the year was out.

The family returned to the US in 2016 and from that time on, they have been praying for a way to return. Currently, they have been offered a five-year visa through the Kathmandu International Study Centre which is the missionary school that the boys will be attending. It is critical that the family be in Nepal by July 27, 2022 to obtain this visa opportunity.

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