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Wanderer and Restorer
by Lifeway on October 4th, 2023
Restoration begins with confession. You can’t fix what you don’t recognize is broken. James’s letter doesn’t wrap up with final words . . .  Read More
Faithful and Faithless
by Lifeway on October 3rd, 2023
James constantly points us to the fact that the Christian life is about glad-hearted obedience. After all the practical application of spiritual. . .  Read More
Suffering and Comfort
by Lifeway on September 27th, 2023
Unlike most people in our culture today, the early Christians likely expected Jesus to return during their lifetimes. Many believed that . . .  Read More
Oppressors and Laborer
by Lifeway on September 20th, 2023
James went to great lengths to warn the church about the corrupting power of wealth. His words often echo the teachings of Jesus, specifically . . .  Read More
Arrogance and Humility
by Lifeway on September 13th, 2023
This passage is more about the implicit attitude of arrogance than the explicit action. It’s not literally evil to make plans or to . . .  Read More
Worldliness and Godliness
by Lifeway on September 12th, 2023
Our lives suffers from no shortage of worldly wisdom. If you’ve ever been into a bookstore, you’ve seen the massive space dedicated. . .  Read More
False Wisdom and True Wisdom
by Lifeway on September 11th, 2023
The wisdom of the world is rooted in selfishness. While our culture disciples us to believe that our determination, our truth, and our. . .  Read More
Blessings and Curses
by Lifeway on September 6th, 2023
While crudeness may not appear on the surface to be as hateful as cursing, the root is similar. The “filthiness” and “crude joking” Paul referred. . .  Read More
Faith and Works
by Lifeway on September 5th, 2023
James introduced the idea of hearing and doing at the end of chapter 1, along with a definition of pure and undefiled religion. Chapter 2 then. . .  Read More
Judgment and Mercy
by Lifeway on September 4th, 2023
Today’s text stands in stark contrast to caring for widows and orphans; instead, the stain of worldliness was polluting the church. . .  Read More
Hearer and Doer
by Lifeway on August 30th, 2023
True belief causes Christians to live out their faith according to God’s Word. We don’t passively hear the Word. Rather, action. . .  Read More
Trials and Temptations
by Lifeway on August 29th, 2023
One thing you need to understand in order to feel the weight of what you’re about to study is the fact that the Book of James (AD 48–52) was. . .  Read More
Brother and Servant
by Lifeway on August 28th, 2023
If you could gather all of the people who’ve ever lived—every person in history—James would stand out from the crowd. . .  Read More